Nature’s Intent Body Deodorant

Have you ever wondered?


why as human beings, that no matter how much we cleanse ourselves with soap and water, we will always carry a smell. whether its a faint smell or heavy, it’s as if you’ve never been near the bathroom for at least week. 


No matter how much perfume or body spray you mask it with, by the end of the day that natural body scent is back. 


But……..that now is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when you get out of the shower (or bath tub) and use a under arm deodorant. You can now use Nature’s Intent Body Deodorant.  This cream in a tub is the holy grail when it comes to body odor.


The Holy Grail 


 As unpleasant as this conversation can get, thoughts of a body deodorant can and will change that. For many years I’ve been using wet wipes every time I frequent the little girls room. And if there’s none ….then you know I’m pressing the panic button and trying to find a solution before the scent arises. 


Now within the 24hr timeline, I just stroll in to the little girls room (with haste) and feel like I’m human again.  Yep, if there’s any creases that can carry an odor, you know it will carry an odor.  But after your bathroom rituals and a display of Nature’s Intent Body Cream you know It’s got your back for at least 24 hours…….the very least.  I heard that…. yes. It is also for men


Who can use it


I’m happy to shout it out from the roof top that……………

                       IT’S FOR EVERYONE. 

You see, it’s not just a body deodorant for the stubborn smells or creased areas. It acts as a body lotion/cream as well.


The ingredients are all natural. Whether is scented or non-scented, the star attraction is either pink clay, chalk coal or baking soda for those who know that it doesn’t contain aluminum. (ask Arm & Hammer, they’ve built a grand business out of it.) 

On that note I’ll say it is as much as for a man as for a woman. It’s soft to the touch, gentle on the skin and tough on odor. 


See you next time








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